Yogurt has been enjoyed for thousands of years by many cultures (pun intended). It has ancient roots that go back millennia in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. However, North America was not introduced to yogurt until almost 1950.

        Isaac Carasso, a Greek emigrant to Spain, started a yogurt factory which he named after his dear son, Daniel. It wasn’t until Daniel took over his father’s company, Danone, and moved it to New York in 1942 that the United States joined the many others in the world indulging in yogurt. In the States, this company became known as Dannon. Both companies stand to this day, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you have tried either one of them.

        We also wouldn’t be surprised if the yogurt you consume most often is Greek-style. Yogurt recipes with Greek roots are most common in North America, and unfortunately, sometimes the efforts to produce large quantities of the product affects its health benefits.

        Sun & Moon also began in New York, but instead of Greek influence, our Yogurt has its roots in Asia. Our yogurt has a unique, drinkable texture and a great taste. It also has a ton of probiotics and ingredients that are only beneficial for your health. Try something new, real, and healthy. Try Sun & Moon.